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General Overview
Over the year there has been a trend to migrate from Nepal to other countries, mainly gulf countries in search of foreign job vacancy. A report shows that migration for the foreign employment has been highly increased every year. Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait has become one of the best destination for the foreign employment followed by some of the European countries like Poland, Romania and so on. Remittance has become one of the major factor to increase the financial status of Nepali along with national GDP. Foreign jobs for Nepali somehow has decreased the unemployment problem in Nepal along with increasing the living standard of Nepali but there has been some kind of shortcoming with foreign employment. There are many legal manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal which has been actively taking part in manpower recruitment for foreign employment. A part from that there are many illegal manpower and so called middle person as agent in our country. Due to lack of knowledge people fell in the trick of these illegal manpower agencies and agents. As a result they are cheated, has to lose their property along with dreams set by them and most important is losing trust with manpower agencies. Even the valid demand ads. are out of reach of job-seeking candidates as ads are published in various newspaper for short period of time. Analyzing these kind of issues faced by the recruitment agencies and the candidate a concept has been developed as abroadjobs4u.com.

abroadjobs4u.com is a concept developed to minimized the problem related with foreign jobs for Nepalese. We are the information distributer regarding the foreign employment. We collect the Department of Foreign Employment(DoFE) approved demand and relay these demand to the people of Nepal in a single place through our system. We circulate the information between the recruitment agencies and job-seeking candidate creating the bridge connection between these two parties. We want to guide people to the road of success becoming their partner. abroadjobs4u.com is constantly evolving technology building the foundation of honesty, integrity and wining a trust of the job-seeking and manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal.

Our Vision
Lead the people on the road of success side by side becoming the partner to their achievement.

Our mission
To create a direct connection between recruitment agencies and the candidate through the trusted and organized system.

Core Values
Building the foundation of honesty and integrity to create a bond of mutual appreciation, respect and trust that all the parties shape together becoming the strength of each other.

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