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के तपाईँले यूएईबाट फर्किदा रोजगारदाताबाट हवाई टिकट बापतको खर्च पाउनुहुन्छ?


Do you get airfare from your employer when you return from UAE ?

The labor agreement between the two countries has provided various facilities to Nepalese who have gone to the UAE for foreign employment. The agreement stipulates that all the fees and costs related to the selection / recruitment of the workers should be borne by the employer.

All the expenses incurred in case of accident or illness during work should be borne by the employer, ticket and entry fee should be paid by all the employers. What is the arrangement regarding the expenses incurred not only on departure but also on return? That is what we are discussing in this article.

What does the UAE employment law say?

According to Article 131 of the UAE Employment Law, if the worker returns home after concluding the employment agreement, the employer must bear the cost of returning home. But if you leave one company and work for another, the next company will have to pay for your return home. Apart from these, even when you come home on holiday, the issue of paying / not paying for the ticket is as written in the agreement.

In which case it does not get the cost?

If the worker is fired for his own reasons before the end of the contract period or if he leaves the job as per the will of the worker, this cost is not available. But if you have to quit your job due to the employer or you have left after the expiry of the contract period.

What to do if it is not paid?

If the employer does not pay for the air ticket or refuses to provide any other salary facility, the worker can lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirati Affairs of the UAE.

According to UAE employment law, after the contract expires or the contract is terminated, the employer must buy the worker an air ticket to return home. But even if it is not given in the agreement, whether it will be given or not, it will not be given. Find out if you can get it.

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